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Charachter paint
3/4 or Full Body, solid or gradient background, single character, full color, up to 18"x24"
Character Sketch
3/4 or Full body, no back ground, single character

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deviation in storage by chocosweete


Just don't call him Dracula by ValkyriePhoenix
Just don't call him Dracula
He hates that...

I've picked up a project.  A graphic novel of the horror genre, I'm currently working up character designs this is a small painting of our "bigbad" Who has no name humans know of, some call him Dracula...behind his back.

When working on it we call him "Dante" for simple ease. We reffed :iconhellngore: with permission.
ACK! They've changed things again... I'm sure I'll get used to it, eventually. (And then they'll change things dramatically again and we'll start all over...again)

Journal History

  • Mood: Anxious
  • Listening to: Emilie Autumn
  • Watching: PsychoPass
  • Eating: chocolate, shuddup, i need it
  • Drinking: Coffee. like always.

I am under challenge to start, FINISH and post artwork of ...meatier meaning. Things that reflect me. Things I deal with, have dealt with, adamantly stand for or adamantly stand against. These pieces WILL BE UNCOMFORTABLE. They are not pleasant. They are not pretty. They are not glories of color and character. They are dirty and hard and often painful enough that I have to take a tranquilizer to actually complete them, never mind posting them. If You don't like or can't handle art that does more than look pretty, do my prescription a favor, don't click the images. No getting butthurt about it not being comfortable and pretty, please, I am going WAY out of my comfort zone by sharing these, by developing them beyond a rough 5 minute sketch I leave in a sketchbook and never show anyone in the first place. Comments about "i don't like this new trend of depressing subject matter. go back to the pretty stuff" doesn't help and outright derision is best kept behind your teeth on these.

Further, "I like it. [and nothing else said]" is also not an appropriate response for these. These, unlike the rest of the work I post, actually MEAN something to me, and often it's either something I dredged up from the dark, dank, mildewy corners of my soul I usually assume no one wants to know about, or it's something I've seen happen that PISSES ME OFF. In either case, comments require full sentences, and preferably several of them. You are not required to like them. I probably don't either. Some of them may bear trigger material, please, take the necessary precautions if you are prone to triggers (and I mean more by that then "I get sad for five minutes") on any of the following themes: Anxiety, abuse, self mutilation, suicide, prejudicial cruelty, depression, body image issues, eating disorders, violent and/
or sexual crimes. Any of these may weigh in on any of the upcoming series of i'd-rather-be-doing-pretty-but-meaningless-because-it's-more-comfortable paintings. You Are Warned. (and it's not my fault if you didn't read all the way through and then click and find something you don't like.)


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Current Residence: Upland, CA
Favourite genre of music: classical, folk, metal, all forms of techno (eg: happy hardcore, trance)
Favourite style of art: digital, but people who can do straight pencils well leave me in awe
Operating System: windows xp
MP3 player of choice: Zune
Favourite cartoon character: GUNE! from titan a. e., or Frank from Rescuers Down Under.
Personal Quote: the only difference between anger and depression is enthusiasm.

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