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Charachter paint
3/4 or Full Body, solid or gradient background, single character, full color, up to 18"x24"
Character Sketch
3/4 or Full body, no back ground, single character

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since my last entry.
Most of that time has been spent jumping through one governmental hoop after another. Some of it has been spent getting certified crazy. We have 'discovered'* that my depression is largely affected by my anxiety, rather than the other way around, that I have ADD which contributes to the anxiety (there was a loud chorus of "Well, DUH" when I reported that news from my therapist to my household), that I have fairly severe body image ISSUES, that I'm actually a fair bit paranoid, and am much too busy looking/waiting for everyone to "act" on the hatred of me they MUST have to actually comprehend compliments, and that maybe it's a good idea to let me keep a sketchbook and pencil in my hands. I have also spent most of that time away from my computer, with no scanner and little time with my camera, but filling up one sketchbook after another, mostly with random doodles I will probably never post. When not keeping the county happy and/or going crazy, I've been running to and fro trying to get this "little" problem with my knee figured out and fixed. It keeps spontaneously deciding it doesn't want to carry me anymore, mostly it doesn't hurt, it just goes and I find myself kneeling for no reason. When it does hurt no amount of naproxen works, sometimes vicodin doesn't either. I have trammadol, but it mostly only works for the "moderate" ranges of my knee's pain.

I spent three months being REALLY crazy and worked the So. Cal. Renaissance Faire, including the month of prep workshops, on top of 35 hours a week keeping the county happy and having a bum knee. I had a blast. Even when I was carrying a 12 foot pole with a 6 foot flag on it across all 22 acres 5 times a day in parades. In triple digit weather. With crippling social anxiety making it difficult to talk at all sometimes. I still had fun, and my guild is awesome.

I'm finally back at my computer and painting again. I hope to actually finish the projects sitting on my hard drive in various states of nowhere-near-complete in addition to the new pieces. (Pfft! Yeah right, like THAT'S going to happen. I didn't finish because I lost attention span on them, like I'm TOTALLY going to be able to pay attention to them again enough to finish them now. :eyeroll: )

Oh, right! I also got engaged.

*"We" being "my therapist and facilitators". I already knew 99.3% of it.

I am accepting commissions, traditional media, digital media, or beadwork jewelry. I charge $10/hour (prices may change depending on contract details) plus material fees where applicable, no minimum charge. Send me a Note to begin.


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Current Residence: Upland, CA
Favourite genre of music: classical, folk, metal, all forms of techno (eg: happy hardcore, trance)
Favourite style of art: digital, but people who can do straight pencils well leave me in awe
Operating System: windows xp
MP3 player of choice: Zune
Favourite cartoon character: GUNE! from titan a. e., or Frank from Rescuers Down Under.
Personal Quote: the only difference between anger and depression is enthusiasm.

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